React Native on Zebra Mobile Computers

Just a quick blog to advertise the React Native module I’ve put together!

React Native developers targeting Zebra Technologies’ range of Mobile Computing devices running Android are out of luck as Zebra does not offer an official avenue for React developers.

To fill this gap I’ve put together a React Native module, react-native-datawedge-intents, available on npm or github.

The module interacts with the DataWedge service running on Zebra Technologies’ devices.  DataWedge controls the barcode scanner and can be separately configured through an XML file.  React-native-datawedge-intents interfaces with the DataWedge Intent API to receive scanned barcodes and offers a 1:1 mapping of the DataWedge API through React Native.


Find this helpful?  Insufficient?  Please comment.  Thanks.


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    • No, I’m not aware of anyone exposing the Datalogic SDK through React-Native but I would be very interested if it is being done. I notice React-Native is now supported in VS2017 so perhaps Enterprise focused SDKs will start to pay more attention.

  1. Have you ran into any fps issues when working with React Native and Zebra devices? We’re seeing a constant drop of fps to ~50 or so only on the zebra device we have and not on a typical Android phone.

    • Not specifically but it’s not an area I’ve looked at recently. I know the hardware designers did not prioritise the graphical capabilities of the devices, instead favouring metrics like scans-per-minute or the ability to use the touch screen with a glove. ~50 fps sounds like it would be acceptable in most enterprise use cases.

  2. Hi Darryn

    Is this a react-native implementation of your GenericScanWedge android app? If so, would that mean its possible to use this for non-zebra devices? I currently have a honeywell CT60 and I’m looking to use the barcode scanner on that.

    • Hi Nore, no, this is a way to interact with the Datawedge service on Zebra devices using a ReactNative application. The reason it is Zebra specific is because it uses the Zebra Intent API for DW. The GenericScanWedge app only exists as a native application.

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