Locking down your device blog – UPDATED

24th July 2017 0 By darryncampbell

I have updated my blog on locking down you device whose master copy is here: https://developer.zebra.com/community/android/android-forums/android-blogs/blog/2017/04/10/locking-down-your-device

Enterprise Browser 1.7 was released today with a number of “Kiosk Mode” configurations which supplement the other information in the existing blog:


Configuration Setting
SetHomeKeyDisable Makes the home key completely ineffective
SetVolumeButonDisable Note the spelling error in ‘Buton’, for EB 1.7 you need to spell it this way but for subsequent versions the team will fix this whilst retaining backwards compatibility.

Prevents the user from adjusting the device volume.  Obviously on Android, the volume key provides access to the ringer, alarm and notification volume so the user can circumvent lots of functionality by adjusting the volume levels on the staged values.

SetBackKeyDisable Pressing the back key will still navigate back to the previous page in your application just as it does with any mobile web browser e.g. Chrome but with this setting enabled it is not possible to exit Enterprise Browser by pressing the back key. You may notice some visual aberration as EB pauses and then quickly resumes after you press the key but the functionality of your EB application will remain unaffected.

It is not currently possible to prevent the user from going back to the previous page within EB by pressing this button so you should design your application workflow with this in mind.

SetStatusBarDisable Probably more accurately described as disabling the notification pull-down, this has the same effect of disabling the notification shade using the MX UI manager.  The end user is still able to see the status bar by swiping at the top of the screen revealing battery and signal levels but they are prevented from:

  • Interacting with notifications including accessing the application AppInfo setting on 6.0+ (as explained under MX Settings Manager, above)
  • Accessing the quick settings (tile) UI to directly disable settings such as WiFi and Bluetooth


These settings are not new in Enterprise Browser 1.7 but are worth including in this list.  You can specify an exit password which must be entered when EB is quit through the EB quit API or debug button.  Note that the exit password is not required if EB is quit via the menu or recents key.  If you are configuring your application with some of these described kiosk settings it is conceivable you also have some kind of admin menu in your app which enables an authorized user to quit EB for maintenance purposes, in that case it may also prudent to specify an exit password
SetRecentAppDisable This setting enables or disables the recent applications button.  Similar to the back key, you may see some visual aberration as EB pauses and then quickly resumes after you press the key but the functionality of your EB application will remain unaffected.  During this visual aberration, the other recent applications are visible (though you cannot interact with them) so you may wish to avoid this by clearing the recent apps list using the MX App Manager