DevTalk: DataWedge v6.3 – Benefits and Challenges

16th August 2017 0 By darryncampbell

Date: 6th September 2017

Location: Online Webinar

Brief: DataWedge is a popular way to access Zebra device hardware providing a ‘zero-code’ way to simply and easily acquire barcode data, use SimulScan capabilities or use the inbuilt card reader, where supported. DataWedge is often used in preference to Zebra’s native SDKs for Java and Xamarin (EMDK) because it offers a simpler interface that ‘just works’ but this ease of use comes at a cost of losing more fine-grained control of the hardware. The DataWedge Intent API attempts to redress this by enabling user applications to control, modify and query the current DataWedge configuration and operation.

In this DEV {TALK} we will dive into the DataWedge APIs, to learn more on this topic go to

Slides: DevTalk – DataWedge v6.3