Keeping your Android application running when the device wants to sleep

22nd November 2018 0 By darryncampbell

Date: 1st December 2018

Location: Google Developer Group (GDG) DevFest – Warsaw, Poland

Talk link: Here


Every iteration of Android introduces new restrictions on what an application can do in the background – this is not news to developers who have been coping changes like Doze mode, background restrictions and app buckets for the past 3 years. From WorkManager to Foreground services Google have a lot of documentation and workarounds for background work, but real life is always more complicated! In this talk I will discuss some of the customer scenarios I have come across where the official advice was insufficient and more innovative solutions had to be found. Is it still possible to send a push message without depending on Firebase? How does doze mode whitelisting affect Oreo background restrictions? What happens if Android cancels my application’s wake lock(s)? I will try to answer some of the questions that go beyond the generic advice available on the Android developer portal.

Slides: Keeping your application awake when the device wants to sleep

Video: Available after the event, if recorded.