Droidcon Italy 2020: Indoor Locationing.  It should be easy, right?

Droidcon Italy 2020: Indoor Locationing. It should be easy, right?

11th February 2020 0 By darryncampbell

Date: 27-28 November 2020

Location: The OGR, Turin

Talks link: https://it.droidcon.com/2020/speakers/


OK Google, turn the light on”. How would you implement that use case? If I ask my Google home, it doesn’t have a problem but if I ask my Android phone the results are less impressive(!) There is almost too much choice when it comes to indoor location technologies, from WiFi signal strength to BLE beacons to the RTT technology that saw adoption in Android Pie. You can also add on top of these all manner of 3rd party solutions based on anything from light codes to virtual beacons.

In this talk I will discuss the various options available to Android developers, their advantages and disadvantages and where they fit into a larger solution. Most of the talk will be dedicated to WiFi RTT (also known as 802.11mc) focusing on its current state of development, how well it works today and what potential this technology offers for the future. I will then dive deeper into how to develop an application using WiFi RTT, how to trilaterate your location and some of the set-backs you will experience when deploying in a real-world scenario.

Slides: Available after the conference

Video: Available after the conference, if recorded