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What’s New for Android ‘N’ and the impact on Zebra developers

I have just posted on the official Zebra dev portal on the developer changes around Android Nougat which is starting to roll out on Zebra devices: .  This is focused on Enterprise use cases and supplements Google’s official documentation for 7.0 & 7.1. Multi-window Notification enhancements Doze light Background optimizations Data saver Quick Settings tile API…

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Preventing unattended application updates initiated via the Play Store

I have just published a blog at with some recommendations on how to prevent Google Play Store apps from automatically updating, with a focus on enterprise use cases. The summary is below but see the link for the full blog Disabling the Play Store entirely is a reliable way of ensuring no user or system…

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Location APIs available on GMS & AOSP devices

I have just published a blog at detailing the location APIs available on both GMS and non-GMS Android devices with a focus on Enterprise use cases.  This is device-centric, I do not go into all of the serverside components required to make a true locationing solution (the blog is long enough as it is!) but…

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Locking down your device blog – UPDATED

I have updated my blog on locking down you device whose master copy is here: Enterprise Browser 1.7 was released today with a number of “Kiosk Mode” configurations which supplement the other information in the existing blog: Excerpt: Configuration Setting Description SetHomeKeyDisable Makes the home key completely ineffective SetVolumeButonDisable Note the spelling error in ‘Buton’,…

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DataWedge APIs – Benefits & Challenges

I have recently published a blog on the Zebra developer portal on the DataWedge APIs, covering both the pros and cons:  Read it at the Zebra developer portal. It is mostly based on my experience of using the APIs up to version 6.3 when developing the sample app at