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What’s New for Android ‘N’ and the impact on Zebra developers

I have just posted on the official Zebra dev portal on the developer changes around Android Nougat which is starting to roll out on Zebra devices: https://developer.zebra.com/community/android/android-forums/android-blogs/blog/2017/12/04/what-s-new-for-android-n-and-the-impact-on-zebra-developers .  This is focused on Enterprise use cases and supplements Google’s official documentation for 7.0 & 7.1. Multi-window Notification enhancements Doze light Background optimizations Data saver Quick Settings tile API…

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Keeping your Android application running when the device wants to sleep

I have recently published a blog on keeping your Android application running when the device wants to sleep on the Zebra developer portal: https://developer.zebra.com/community/android/android-forums/android-blogs/blog/2017/05/04/keeping-your-application-running-when-the-device-wants-to-sleep I cover: Wake locks / WiFi locks Impact of doze mode, what changed in Android M How to whitelist your application from doze and the impact of doing so How this interacts with…

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Locking down your Zebra Android Device

I have recently published a blog on locking down your Zebra Android device on the Zebra developer portal: https://developer.zebra.com/community/android/android-forums/android-blogs/blog/2017/04/10/locking-down-your-device I cover: Android enterprise COSU APIs, concentrating on Lock Task mode Zebra’s MX features to restrict user interaction Zebra’s Enterprise Home Screen (EHS) custom home screen application

Instrumented Testing and the Zebra EMDK Barcode API

Problem Definition One of the big challenges developing applications for industrial mobile computers is testing. Typically, these applications will be built around data acquisition either through scanning barcodes, reading RFID tags, taking credit card payment, capturing images via the camera or capturing form data programmatically to extract text with OCR. Any data capture will be…

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Deploying an application to Zebra Android devices ranging from Jellybean to Marshmallow and beyond

Overview Native Android applications can be developed for Zebra mobile Android devices such as the TC51, TC55, TC8000 etc. in a number of ways.  The primary API for accessing device hardware (e.g. scanner) and Zebra value-adds (known as ‘MX’) is the EMDK. The EMDK is being continually being updated to support new devices and features…

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