Instrumented Testing and the Zebra EMDK Barcode API

Problem Definition One of the big challenges developing applications for industrial mobile computers is testing. Typically, these applications will be built around data acquisition either through scanning barcodes, reading RFID tags, taking credit card payment, capturing images via the camera or capturing form data programmatically to extract text with OCR. Any data capture will be…

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Deploying an application to Zebra Android devices ranging from Jellybean to Marshmallow and beyond

Overview Native Android applications can be developed for Zebra mobile Android devices such as the TC51, TC55, TC8000 etc. in a number of ways.  The primary API for accessing device hardware (e.g. scanner) and Zebra value-adds (known as ‘MX’) is the EMDK. The EMDK is being continually being updated to support new devices and features…

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Developing for Zebra / Symbol Mobile Computers on Linux

Introduction This blog covers my experience developing a native Android application for Zebra / Symbol Mobile computers such as TC55, MC40 and TC70.  Unfortunately Linux is not a platform officially supported by Zebra for development but nonetheless it will work (with a few tweaks) so it’s worth sharing. Distributions According to the Android Studio download…

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